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How VIDU increased customer revenues by 5X in less than 5 months

About VIDU

VIDU, a B2B SaaS product for coaching centers to grow their online business, is used by over 500 coaching centres across India. 

VIDU was acquired by Class Plus in 2021.

Scope Of Engagement

In 2019 March, VIDU was at a stage where they had found product market fit and was growing steadily. The organization was ~150 people strong with a 20-member technology team.

Some of the issues that I was tasked with solving:

  1. Grow product adoption among coaching centers 

  2. Streamline product development, improve stakeholder engagement, and address team burnout

  3. Establish predictable release cycles and improve time to market

  4. Setup the Product Management function

In less than 5 months Rahul helped redesign and relaunch VIDU. The new version helped drive adoption which led to a 5X increase in revenue for our customers.

He did all this while revamping our product management processes and keeping all the stakeholders informed and excited!

Gaurav Goel



To understand the reasons for the coaching center’s low adoption rates, I gathered feedback from customers, sales and support teams. 

The research provided valuable insights about how customers used the product and the reasons for low adoption. I further worked with the various stakeholders to build consensus and developed a roadmap. The roadmap addressed issues around user on-boarding, content creation, content distribution, marketing, reporting and self-service options. The proposed workflows were tested using rapid prototyping techniques and iterated upon in a span of 2 weeks.

In order to improve time to market and bring in predictability, I worked with the engineering teams and the business stakeholders to setup robust product management and development processes.

Subsequently, I setup the Product Management function within VIDU. This included setting up a rigorous recruitment process, training and mentoring.



5X Increase in customer revenue through product adoption


40% Increase in customer satisfaction score


50% Reduction in support tickets


2X Increase in team satisfaction


Developing a customer-centric product roadmap based on user pain-points and feedback is critical for product success. Not only is it great for business, it also helps bring in focus and drive internal alignment.

Burnout is often a result of trying to deliver fast without an effective framework for prioritization and team allocation.

Establishing a Product Mindset and Agile development practices ensured faster time-to-market and improved team satisfaction.

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