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Teaching from 25+ years of Product Experience

You want your students to be successful in the real world, driving innovation and entrepreneurship.

Having worked in the B2B product world for over two decades and having taught 100+ online classes at B-schools like ISB and IIM K (through Emeritus), I deliver the Product Management practitioner’s perspective and industry expertise to make your students real-world ready. 

RahulMd teaching a class

My Specialties

Product Strategy

RahulMd icon for Product Strategy

Start from the company vision and back it up into your product strategy with clear frameworks and models

Agile Product Managment

RahulMd icon for Agile Product management

Learn from a practitioner on how to quickly and effectively respond to change while being customer centric

Customer Segmentation

RahulMd icon for customer segmentation

Do real-world exercises to understand how to segment customers and target them effectively

Definition of Value

RahulMd icon for definition of value

Shipping product ≄ value. Deep dive to understand value and how to facilitate a value exchange with your customer

Lean Mindset

RahulMd icon for lean mindset

Use best-in-class frameworks to build Minimum Viable Products with minimum wastage of resources 

Pricing 101

RahulMd icon for pricing 101

Price your product by looking at over a dozen real-world pricing models ranging from freemium to bundle pricing

My Classes

  • Leverages over 25 years of professional experience in the B2B product world

  • Is consistently rated 4.5+/5 ⭐ stars by students

  • Is experiential with situation-based exercises and examples from the business world

RahulMd interacting with MBA students at masters union

If you want a top-rated industry faculty in the product space

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