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Product Guy/ Cyclist/ Family Man/ Wanderer

Professionally I’m a Product Leader with over 25 years of experience working in various industries in the areas of Business Analysis, Product Management and Product leadership.

I have handled products of very high scale - sales transactions systems handling INR 300 million per day, brand health tracking systems monitoring brands worth EUR 25 billion annually, travel booking systems handling over a million transactions every month.

I have been a featured speaker at BITS Pilani, Institute of Product Leadership, Product School and Product Tank.

A few other facets about me:

I’m a Cyclist – I started road cycling in 2012 to stay fit, but now I stay fit so that I can cycle! Learned a lot of life lessons from cycling and a whole lot about holistic fitness. Follow my cycling adventures on Strava.

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I'm a Wanderer ​– I believe that Travel is one of the best ways to learn about People, Culture and History. I have traveled extensively at different levels of discomfort and comfort – from taking 6 hour bus rides through rural India with a basket of raw fish in the next seat to trans Atlantic flights on the upper deck, and eating street food in Mumbai for 5 cents a meal to 7 course meals on the French Riviera. Each of these experiences has left me richer (not necessarily in the wallet 😝)!

I'm a Family Man – I consider myself really fortunate to be married to my best friend. We have known each other for over 30 years and been married for over 20 years! We have 2 kids. 

People talk about compartmentalising life, but I’m not sure how can you have a good day in the world if you are not having a good day at home! Happiness begins at Home!

A few of my beliefs:
I try to simplify life rather than complicate it. Deconstruct it, strip out the fluff and its all very simple, REALLY!!! Like Leonardo Da Vinci once said “Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication“.

I think Charles Darwin was on to something with his theory of evolution. But I prefer Garmin's take on this #BeatYesterday. (read more...)

I thrive on conversations with people. There is always something to learn from everyone - be it a taxi driver or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

Life is too short, let's have fun living it, and leave behind good memories!

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