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Train Your Product Teams to Ship Value

If your product management team is not able to ship products that customers crave in a predictable and consistent fashion, you are not alone. 


I have helped countless teams like yours. You can benefit from my customized, activity-driven training sessions.

RahulMd conducting training at Vmware

My Training Philosophy

Learning can be broken down into various stages:

  • First Stage – Understand the concept

  • Final stage – Apply the concept, at will, in relevant situation


While some learners can go from understanding the concept to application, there could be intermediate stages to help the progression:

  • Seeing the concept at work through industry examples.

  • Applying the concept in a case study.

  • Applying the concept retrospectively to a past situation the learner faced


I focus on sharing stories and experiences in my training sessions, and encourage retrospection through discussion

Some of my popular stories and experiences

Recent Trainings

Client name
Workshop Title
Workshop Details

Stakeholder Engagement


A half-day workshop on stakeholder engagement, covering challenges and best practices in a B2B context. The best practices were explained using a combination of examples and experiences. This was followed by a B2B case study. Attended in person by 25 product managers in Bangalore and virtually by 25 from across India.

Product Fundamentals


A half-day workshop as part of a 2 day-workshop to kickstart the product organization realignment, covering product fundamentals – understanding value, product lifecycle management, organizational structures, and prioritization frameworks. Attended by 35 cross-functional team members from Customer Acquisition, Customer Success, Product Management, and Engineering teams.

Product Excellence


A 2-day Product Excellence offsite attended by the 8-member Product team and ~10 leaders from tech and customer success. Day One we discussed topics like Product as a value exchange, Lean & Agile Mindset, Simplifying Innovation, Go To Market and Customer Engagement best practices. Day two had the various teams presenting product proposals using the Lean Canvas, which helped shape next year's strategy.

Product Fundamentals for new engineering hires


A full-day in-person induction session for 10+ new hires from IIT Guwahati, covering product fundamentals, customer-centric product development, Lean and Agile mindset, and prioritizing development through user stories. The first half engaged the entire organisation with folks joining from US, Canada and India. The second half focused on the new hires.

Companies come to me when they have

1. Poor feature adoption

2. Takes Months to Ship

3. Dissatisfied Stakeholders

My Training Helps

RahulMd training helps develop customer insights

1. Develop deep customer insights so you build products that customers love and use

RahulMd training helps ship value sooner

2. Ensure predictable and consistent shipping of valuable releases every sprint

RahulMd training helps improve stakeholder relations

3. Strategically prioritise customer feature requests and manage customer expectations

My Trainings

  • Leverage over 25 years of professional experience in the B2B product world

  • Are rich with real-world examples, situation-based exercises, and case studies 

  • Provide a practical approach to learning and understanding concepts

RahulMd speaking at product tank meet-up

If you have a product problem or a skill gap that you want to solve for

My Top Trainings

The Art & Science of Prioritisation

Slide from RahulMd prioritisation training presentation

Product managers get plenty of feature requests from customers, partners and internal stakeholders.

While some can shape your roadmap, others are detrimental to your company’s strategic interests. Product managers struggle to prioritize these. 

This popular hour-long training which I delivered at Institute of Product Leadership, Bangalore and at multiple other venues is an experiential learning session complete with a B2B case study and provides a framework for prioritization. 

This training really resonated with the audience which consisted of product leaders, engineering managers, architects, and UX designers from companies like IBM, GE, TCS, and Sabre.

Data-Driven Product Strategy - An Exercise

Product managers know data is the holy grail. But they often drown in the data overload, struggle with what data to look for, and how to use it.


In this training I organized along with Mind the Product’s Bangalore chapter Product Tank, the 60-odd attendees were split into groups and asked to come up with a business plan for a startup that was on the verge of running out of cash.

With a timer ticking away on a screen, each group was excited and immersed in the activity. They had to analyze a large dataset and come up with a business plan to present to the board. The participants walked away with confidence in their ability to use data effectively in strategic thinking.

Participants working on activity during data driven strategy training conducted by RahulMd

User Personas that Drive Product Strategy

Outcome of Persona training by RahulMd

Often user personas are so abstract that no one from engineering to design cares about it. 

But what if the user persona was dissected using a framework and presented to you as a story. In this training for the leadership team at Bangalore-based farming startup—Agriapp—I did exactly that.

I presented the user persona as an individual who not only uses apps but also thinks and most importantly has feelings and emotions.


This storytelling technique helped the team understand the user’s motivations, goals, frustrations, and fears. Empathizing with the user helped them build a cohesive product strategy that revolved around the user persona.

If you have a product problem or a skill gap that you want to solve for

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