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Prototyping Should Not Be About Technology

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Ok! Ok! That’s a bit of a click bait title 😅 Ideally the title should have been - Prototyping need NOT be about Technology!

Typically when one thinks of prototyping, the technology teams get all excited and go all out designing the bells and whistles for the technology solution.

Rather what the Product & Technology team should be doing is to understand the risks that a product faces from an adoption perspective.

The 2 biggest risks that any new product or feature face are:

  1. Demand risk - the product or feature is not solving a valuable enough problem

  2. Design risk - the design of the overall end to end solution is far from ideal. Design from a User Experience perspective, not just a User Interface or a Technology perspective

In addition to these risks, there could be other risks such as technology risks, operational risks, etc.

In this context,

Prototyping should be looked at as a risk mitigation strategy.

The prototyping initiative should help you mitigate your biggest risks. If that risk is technology, then sure, make it about technology. But if demand is your biggest risk, then you must look at how prototyping can help you reduce your demand risk. And if design is your biggest risk, you must look at how to reduce that.

A brilliant example of a prototype that mitigated both the demand and design risk in one go is DropBox. Here is a link to an earlier vlog on the DropBox MVP.


If your teams are not looking at Prototyping as a risk mitigation strategy, give me a shout and I would love to have a conversation!

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