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Disclaimer - This is not for folks looking for easy answers and short cuts. 

I have been fortunate to have been guided by several great leaders over my 25 odd years in the corporate world. There is no way for me to repay them but I can Pay It Forward by guiding others who may not have access to mentors in their organisations.

If we decide to take it forward, the first steps would be for us to work together to:

  • Clearly articulate your goals

  • Do an honest self-assessment to see where you stand

  • Prepare an action plan

Subsequently we will work together to make sure you are able to make progress on the plan. I will be there to

  • Provide guidance if/ when you hit roadblocks 

  • Help you tweak the plan as needed

Ideal frequency - 1 hour conversation every 1-3 weeks.

Confidentiality clause: I would not share details of the engagement with anyone else.

Want to explore?

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