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What got you here, won't get you there!

When organizations grows, there is more to it than just adding people. 

In the early stages you were hustling to just survive. You have survived and you are starting to see traction in the marketplace. Your existing customers find your offering valuable and your marketing and sales engine is bringing in more prospects/ customers. 

But with this success comes more demands from the product and your teams. Your current customers are asking for more, and your prospects are asking for even more. Too often these demands are conflicting!

You didn’t have the capacity, so you added people. You were a ~5 member dev team, and suddenly you are a ~15 member dev team and you continue the hustle.

Several initiatives are in progress and you are starting even more initiatives.


  • Features are not being delivered as fast as you would like

  • Customers and other stakeholders are getting impatient

  • This leads to more pressure on the team

  • Teams are starting to burn out

  • Quality is starting to drop

You are thinking - "Does it have to be this way?!?! Is there a better way? Am I missing something"

I have worked in such environments in the past, and it is no fun! 

I was fortunate to have been part of a transformation, where we modified some of our product management practices, which had a huge positive impact on the team and the product. Subsequently I have helped other organizations make the transformation.​​

Consulting Framework_edited.jpg

How you ask?

I will work hands on with the leadership team, product engineering teams and other stakeholders to:

  • Review your product strategy

  • Prioritise your product roadmap

  • Tweak your product development processes to improve throughput, predictability and visibility

  • Plan feature go to market and help execute the plans

  • Establish continuous communication channels to keep stakeholders informed on progress and get feedback on product

Goal is to empower your organisation to operate without me!​

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